Intelligent mold detection platform

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Ensure the high quality of stored grain!


Priorities for pig farmers, grain and flour processors, and eco-consumers

Well-being of your livestock
Well-being of your livestock
  • Monitor your feed 24/7
  • Detect toxic mycotoxins
  • Take care of the welfare of your animals
Your products made from high-quality grains
Your products made from high-quality grains
  • Store grains under proper conditions
  • Detect health-threatening mycotoxins and pests
  • Compete with the quality of your products and gain the trust of customers
Health - yours and your loved ones
Health - yours and your loved ones
  • Ensure proper storage conditions in your pantry
  • Detect health-threatening mycotoxins in products
  • Prioritize health prevention

BIOmesh is a team of experts who share a common passion - new technologies and their effective application in processing, animal husbandry, and everyday life. We believe that our BIOmesh solution will contribute to increasing the quality of food in Poland and around the world, which will have a positive impact on the health of people and animals, as well as reducing losses due to waste of products susceptible to mold.

What are the benefits of the BIOmesh system?

Early warning of mycotoxin risk from mold
Early warning of mycotoxin risk from mold

Toxic mycotoxins are stealth killers! Detect them before they develop in your animals' feed, intermediate products, or food. You can counteract. Protect your health and that of your animals! Prevention instead of treatment.

Visibility, quality and control
Visibility, quality and control

Monitor 24/h/7 key food parameters at the point of storage - silo, flat storage, or pantry. Get a complete view of the data.

Reliability and competitiveness
Reliability and competitiveness

Effectively manage the risk of quality decline during grain storage, gaining the trust of customers and business partners. Stand out in the market with high-quality raw materials, care for consumer health, and environmental stewardship.


Stay updated with the most important news from the world of BIOmesh and benefit from our expert knowledge in the field of mycotoxins in storage, the most toxic substances on Earth.

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Did you know that...?


25% of the world's grain production is contaminated with mycotoxins, toxic substances from mold.


1 in 10 people in the world get sick each year from food-borne illnesses.


1 in 6 deaths in children under 5 from diarrhea is due to unsafe food


Mycotoxins in feed carry serious risks for animals and humans, and even fatal diseases.


Pigs are the most sensitive to mycotoxins, followed by poultry.


The swine population has decreased by 13% over the past year. This is the worst situation since the 1950s


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